The work of a volunteer is varied and interesting.

As a volunteer you will be offered full training. On completion of this you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with women, children and young people
  • Support and facilitate activities in the Refuge and Resource Centre
  • Take part in fundraising activities
  • Help with administrative work

There are a number of reasons why people choose to become a Volunteer:

  • Using talents and experience to help others
  • Learning new skills with training provided
  • Trying something different
  • Being a valued member of a team
  • Having a sense of personal achievement
  • Having the satisfaction of seeing results
  • Meeting new people and sharing experiences with others.

Women’s Aid endeavours to offer all its Volunteers a worthwhile Volunteering experience and you can expect from us:

  • Support and guidance
  • Training opportunities (accreditation)
  • Experience and References
  • Advise and feedback through a Volunteer Coordinator
  • Thanks and recognition

In return for providing a worthwhile Volunteering experience, we ask of you:

  • Regular commitment
  • To adhere to Women’s Aid procedures
  • For a positive attitude
  • To inform us of any changes in your contact details
  • To avoid any action that may put Women’s Aid in disrepute

Some quotes from current Volunteers:

I enjoy volunteering with Women’s Aid, being part of a support network and seeing women becoming empowered to assert themselves in a positive way. I have made lots of friends and feel part of a community working together towards a common goal. Volunteer – Carrickfergus

Volunteering for Women’s Aid for me has built my confidence, self esteem,and most important learning to trust again. Volunteering is very rewarding, beneficial and its very enjoyable and fun to be part of something so worthwhile. Ex-service User now Volunteer – Carrickfergus.

Volunteer roles:

Court Support:

Court Support is offered to service users who need to attend court on any issue relating to domestic violence.


  • Accessing a private waiting room (in consultation with court staff)
  • Providing refreshments
  • Clarification of information throughout the process
  • Pre – court visit if required
  • Accompaniment to solicitors
  • Emotional support

Awareness Raising:

Awareness raising is a major element of the work of our organisation, without it we cannot work towards our goal of eradicating Domestic Violence. Awareness raising is to increase public knowledge about the work of Women’s aid and challenge some opinions. The idea is to place the blame appropriately with the criminal, not the victim and promote better understanding.


  • Distribution of leaflets / posters or Women’s Aid material’s
  • Encourage uptake of Safe Place
  • Setting up a stand at local fairs with Women’s Aid material;


The programmes we offer to women and children are essential to educate and support them in their recovery from the effects of Domestic violence.


  • Organising events e.g pub quizzes, sponsored walks
  • Organisation and participation in bag packs/collections/events
  • Assisting in selling tickets and distribution of posters for events
  • Membership of fundraising sub group


Reconnect provides a series of social and recreational activities aimed at supporting women who have been affected by domestic violence and who want to develop their social skills/confidence/self esteem.

This is facilitated through partially structured group events and activities on a regular basis encouraging the women to reconnect with their community/ social activities which have often been restricted or limited in the abusive relationship.


  • Supporting Women through group facilitation to become less socially isolated
  • Taking the lead in organising the reconnect rota of events/activities
  • Reporting to named worker/Volunteer Coordinator any issues or concerns

Refuge Support Worker

The refuge is an intensive support location where roles are shared and volunteers work alongside a team of project and childcare workers as well as outreach staff and other volunteers.


  • Assistance with childcare
  • Listening ear/emotional support
  • Attendance / transport to appointments


Administrative volunteers are responsible for providing administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.

Duties may include:

  • Centre Cover
  • Open and distribute mail
  • Answering telephone
  • Photocopying
  • Type correspondence reports and other documents
  • Minute taking

Childcare Team – Make it Better project

Childcare volunteers assist the childcare team through a series of supports with:

  • Childcare provision
  • Awareness raising
  • Co facilitation of training and education programmes

Our Make it Better project is a unique project which supports children aged 8 – 20 with their learning and development. This project is aimed at children and young people whose education and learning has been impacted upon by domestic violence. We aim to provide educational and development opportunities to allow young people to reach their full potential. This will give the young person increased self-esteem and confidence. We run a Homework Club which aims to support young people and remove barriers to learning by providing a safe, structured and supportive learning environment. or young people living with domestic violence. This will include educational activities and 1 to 1 tuition.

Volunteer opportunities that exist within Make it Better team are:

  • Volunteer teachers (we are currently looking for Volunteer teachers to offer their expertise to young people in our Homework club)
  • Homework support club Volunteers
  • Crèche work
  • Co facilitating programmes
  • Administration
  • Awareness raising

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Some of our Volunteers from the five areas attending the volunteer evening, also included is George Gillespie (Volunteer Now)


Friends of Women’s Aid

Anyone who wishes to support Women’s Aid ABCL&N but does not have the time to be an ‘active volunteer’ may support  the organisation.  Please send your details to womensaidareaoffice@btconnect.com to become a friend.

Friends of Women’s Aid are involved in a variety of activities:

  • Fundraising events take place in each of the five areas we work in. Events include sponsored activities, fundraising functions, bag packing in local supermarkets, quiz nights and special appeals.
  • Awareness raising events in various community settings to promote the services offered by Women’s Aid to women, children and young people affected by domestic violence.
  • Payroll giving this is a flexible scheme which allows anyone who pays UK income tax to give regularly and on a tax free basis.Payroll giving
  • Every penny we fundraise supports women and children in your community living with domestic violence. Please consider helping by making a donation. Please click on the “Make a donation” banner below to donate now.

    Donations can be made to Women’s Aid ABCL&N by post to;

    The Naomi Centre, 2 Cullybackey Road, Ballymena. BT43 5DF Telephone: 02825632136