Ulster Orchestra Gala Film Night

Women’s Aid ABCLN has joined with the Ulster Orchestra for a gala film night in the McNeill Theatre, Larne to mark launch of ‘16 Days of Action’ to end violence against women and host the premiere of their film ‘My Story Grown Old’.

In 2013, Women’s Aid ABCLN and the Ulster Orchestra were brought together by long-time supporter of both organisations, JTI.  Since then, the partnership has yielded some powerful collaborative work to highlight the issue of domestic abuse. The film night looked back at some of this work, before showing the partnership’s latest film – ‘My Story Grown Old’ created by women from the Reconnect Group.

Women’s Aid ABCLN CEO Rosemary Magill says “Our Reconnect Group helps women regain their confidence and gives them the opportunity to find their voices, so long silenced by domestic abuse. The women have worked with Ulster Orchestra musicians, Jonathan Simmance and Sam Staunton, and Joe Kennedy of Causeway Media using various mediums to bring the emotions and realities of domestic abuse to life in live performances and on screen. Everything you see tonight has been directed, created and influenced by those living with domestic abuse.”

Jonathan Simmance from the Ulster Orchestra says “With generous support from JTI, it has been possible to record the work of “My Story Grown Old” as a series of short films. Each film features the performer who toured Northern Ireland with the orchestra during the original performances in 2016 and 2017, and brings back Joe Kennedy as filmmaker.”

“The five short films will be used by Women’s Aid ABCLN for awareness-raising and training, with each focusing on a slightly different aspect of those living through domestic abuse. The combined film is complementary to the individual shorts, and we want to thank JTI for their commitment to enable us to bring this together. It has been an incredible partnership and we are indebted to their generous support.”

The evening culminated in a live performance of the poem, “The Lonely Old Woman” by Joan Cosgrove and musicians of the Ulster Orchestra demonstrating the impact of the performances and their accompaniment in a live setting.”

For more information about Women’s Aid ABCLN call 028 25 632136.