Ulster Orchestra Films

With the generous, long-term support of JTI, Women’s Aid ABCLN, Causeway Media Solutions and Ulster Orchestra have collaborated to produce a series of short films.

Each is inspired and created by women living with domestic abuse to highlight the issues that pervade their lives.

In My House

In My House follows the deterioration of a relationship from blissful beginnings to the consequences of domestic abuse. While this can be gradual and almost imperceptible over time, this film illustrates how victims are manipulated and trapped, hidden behind the facade of a happy family and a comfortable home.

I Got Flowers Today 

I Got Flowers Today explores the cyclical nature of domestic abuse, and the deliberate manipulation of victims by their abusers. Incidents of abuse are often followed by seemingly sincere apologies, affection, gifts, and promises of change.

The Brick Wall

This film explores the many ways in which a victim of domestic abuse can be trapped by their situation; trapped in a relationship, or by family unwilling to believe their story, trapped by a system that is supposedly there to protect the vulnerable, or trapped by their own self-doubt and low self-esteem. They find themselves trapped at every turn; surrounded on every side by brick walls. With Rachael McCabe

Lonely Old Women 

With Joan Cosgrove