Women’s Aid ABLCN have created their Make It Better Appeal, which aims to raise funds to provide services and support for children and young people living with domestic violence. 

Our Make It Better Week takes place from Sunday the 19th to Saturday the 25th of May, and offers a range of fun events and activities for you and your family  to get involved in, all for a great cause. 

See below a list of fundraising events in your local area and get on board to make it better.



The Carrickfergus Fundraising Quiz– Join the Women’s Aid ABCLN team for a fun-filled quiz night at the Dobbins Inn, Carrickfergus on the 24th of May. The quiz commences at 7.30pm and is an easy but excellent way to help raise funds for a well deserving appeal. You might even win a prize! 






The Larne Sponsored Walk- Get up and get active by taking part in the sponsored walk on Carnfunnock Coast Road, Larne. Take a walk with our team and sponsors on the 25th of May at 10.30am and help raise funds whilst staying fit!





Your School Can Do One Thing- We’re asking schools in our areas to help their pupil, classmate or friend by doing just one thing. From the 20th to the 26th of May, have your say in how you can help Women’s Aid ABCLN to raise some funds in a fun and flexible way for the young people who need it. Contact us now for your Fundraising Pack.






The Lagan Zipline- Are you brave enough to zipline across the Lagan River Belfast for Women’s Aid ABCLN? If so join us on Sunday the 19th of May for a chance to raise the hairs on your neck as well as the funds in our pot. Play your part in helping us cross the river to end domestic violence for the children in our communities.





Make a Cuppa- Raising funds for children affected by domestic abuse can be as easy as sticking the kettle on and making a cuppa. From the 20th to the 26th of May, do what you do everyday and make a cup of tea to make it better for our young people. A small gesture by you with big benefits for others.







Starbucks Junction One Fundraising Quiz- 

Sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee and a quiz with the family at Starbucks Junction One, on Tuesday the 21st of May from 7pm -9pm. Help us raise funds for children living with domestic violence by getting your daily coffee fix and putting your knowledge to the test. It’s as easy as that!




For further details on all events during our Make It Better Week, contact Arlene Creighton on: