Sensata Technologies GROW Network Supports Women’s Aid ABCLN

Sensata Technologies GROW Network has delivered a very successful ‘tailor made’ Money Management programme for Women’s Aid ABCLN.

The GROW Network aims to generate recognition and opportunities for women within Sensata Technologies, and the money management programme was devised by members, giving them an opportunity to share skills and support other women.

Inspired by an understanding that financial independence is key to enable women to break free from domestic abuse, the women teamed up with Women’s Aid ABCLN in Antrim to look at how they could help.

The result was an interactive programme on Money Management, developed by the Sensata volunteers and delivered over two mornings to a group of women at the end of 2019.

Paula O’Connell, Learning and Development Specialist at Sensata Technologies said “As a company, we support a number of different charitable initiatives in the local area but Women’s Aid ABCLN Money Management programme has been by far one of the best and most rewarding.”

“The Money Management sessions have enabled us to share knowledge and create an environment where we can learn from each other, develop networks and build confidence.”

“Taking place in the relaxed setting of Grace House, Women’s Aid ABCLN’s offices in Antrim, we were able to have fun with the subject, ensuring it was light hearted but also that the participants could learn practical skills which are applicable to everyday activities.”

Estelle Devine, Community Resettlement Worker with Women’s Aid ABCLN said “We want to thank Sensata Technologies for all their support; this has been an incredibly rewarding partnership. We are delighted that the plans to run the programme again in 2020 and are working with them to identify other opportunities to offer volunteering support.”

GROW (Generating Recognition and Opportunities for Women) is one of the diversity groups in Sensata Northern Ireland, established to provide inspiration and support for women to achieve their career aims.

For more information you can contact Women’s Aid ABCLN 028 25 632136.