Larne Football Club Adds White Ribbon to Shirts

Women’s Aid ABCLN is delighted that Larne Football Club has announced a new partnership with the charity which will see the White Ribbon emblem displayed on the club’s home and away playing shirts throughout the 2020/21 season.

The partnership, which will result in the Invermen becoming the first football club in history to incorporate the emblem on their match shirts, is the latest development in an ever-growing relationship between Women’s Aid ABCLN and the Larne club.

Larne FC Chairman, Gareth Clements said “Back in 2019, Larne Football Club became the first club in Northern Ireland to sign up to Women’s Aid ABCLN’s White Ribbon Charter, a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness and preventing domestic abuse against women within our community.”

“Inver Park is a registered ‘Safe Place’ within the town and players, coaches and staff members have received specialised training from Women’s Aid ABCLN, enabling anyone affected by domestic abuse to access information and get help safely and confidentially.”

Women’s Aid ABCLN, CEO Rosemary Magill said: “When Larne Football Club players and officials signed the White Ribbon Charter they made a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.”

“Since then our partnership has gone from strength to strength, and we are delighted that by proudly wearing the White Ribbon on their team shirts the Club has made this very clear commitment that they will not tolerate male violence against women.

 “Together we are working to end domestic abuse in all its forms, and I want to thank Larne Football Club for their commitment and support.”

Gareth added: “Displaying the White Ribbon on our shirts this season further strengthens our links with Women’s Aid ABCLN. This sends out a clear, visible message of our support for the charter we signed up to in 2019 and everything that it stands for.”

“The good work that Women’s Aid ABCLN is doing within our community deserves to be highlighted, and we are glad to be playing our part in assisting with this.”

For more information about the White Ribbon Campaign contact Women’s Aid ABCLN White Ribbon Co-ordinator on 028 25 632136 or email