A refuge is a safe place where women and children who want to escape domestic abuse can stay. It is a place where women can have time and space to make decisions free from fear and pressure.

We have a Refuge and Self Contained Apartments in Ballymena. Our refuge and apartments are comfortably decorated with good facilities. Bedroom sizes vary. Some of the rooms are suitable for a woman coming on her own, others for women who come with their children. There are also fully accessible rooms at each site. In the refuge some kitchens and living areas are shared, and all the women living there are responsible for the various tasks involved in running any home.

Women are referred to  refuge by a range of agencies such as the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, PSNI and Social Services. You can refer yourself to our refuge directly by contacting Women’s Aid ABCLN on 02825632136 during office hours, or through the 24/7 free and confidential Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline on 0808 802 1414.

Children & Young People

In the refuge, children and young people have the opportunity to be involved in group work including personal development programmes. They have one to one time with a child worker, who offer guidance and support in dealing with any worries or concerns they might have inside or outside of refuge.

We have a big playroom for younger children and there is always someone to listen to and support the children, while organising fun things to do. Refuge can be a positive experience for children as it can give them an understanding of what is happening while providing the support they need to deal with what they have experienced at home.

You and your children can stay in refuge for as long as you need. Some women only stay a few days, others stay for a longer period of time while they wait to be re-housed.