Floating Support and Community  based staff work with women affected by domestic abuse in your local area. We provide information, practical help, one to one support and group work.

Floating Support

Floating Support staff work with women to identify their individual needs and develop a support plan, including:

  • Safety Planning
  • Housing Information
  • Money Management
  • Specialist Services
  • Court Support
  • Advocacy

We provide information and offer one to one support, enabling women to explore options and make informed choices.

We provide practical support to help women access services from other agencies including housing, benefits, healthcare and education, financial and legal services.

If you have been affected by domestic abuse YOU CAN call 028 25 632136.

Community Team

Community based staff support women to address the impact of domestic abuse on their lives, providing:

  • Emotional support on an individual basis, or in a group setting
  • Personal development, self-esteem and confidence building
  • Facilitated courses, training and education opportunities

We create a safe and supported environment for women to discuss issues and learn through shared experiences.

We deliver personal development programmes for women experiencing domestic abuse, including Journey to Freedom, My Life My Choices and You and Me Mum.

We offer accredited Open College Network (OCN) courses, including:

  • Living and Surviving Domestic Abuse,
  • Me, Myself and I
  • Steps to De-Stress

Journey To Freedom

Everyone has the right to feel safe and live their lives free from abuse.  Meet with women who have had similar experiences and share your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Topics include the patterns of abusive behaviour the effects of domestic abuse and safety planning. and you are not to blame.

My Life, My Choices

This programme promotes personal development, and it enables women to explore their options and create change by building confidence and self-esteem, positive self-image, decision making and support networks.

You and Me Mum

A ten week programme which empowers mums to address the support needs of children who have lived with domestic abuse, developing communications skills, promoting healthy relationships, and strategies for keeping safe.

Please see attached leaflet for further information:

Courses Leaflet Sep – Dec 2019

To find out more YOU CAN call 028 632136.