Family First Resource Week Two

Challenge One – Make a special picture for mum or grandparent that you cannot see at the moment

Our Family First team are encouraging ALL children to join us and make a picture for your mummy, your favourite Auntie, your Granny, your best friend or your family. You could even draw a ‘self-portrait’ for someone that you are not able to see at the moment

Share your drawings and artwork with us and let’s help everyone to stay safe.










Challenge Two – Try our physical game







Challenge Three – Find a game that you haven’t played in a while and give it a go + / or find a pack of cards (who doesn’t like a game of snap!)

Challenge Four – Try to complete one hundred skips +/or hops, let us know what number you can get up to.

Parenting Tip – Importance of Praise 

Our Family First team say it is really important to praise your children at this time. Praise is useful for many things, it can improve behaviour and help children feel valued, safe, loved and happy.

Let your children know that they are loved and appreciated. Take time to praise your children today.