Family First Resources Week Three

Challenge One – Read/or make up a fun/favourite Poem/song

Challenge Two – Do one thing! – Something nice for someone in your house.It can be a cup of tea or a chore (pick up your belongings/make your bed).

Let us know what you did.

Or Make a picture/card for someone special/Mum that might need cheering up!

Challenge Three – Build a tent or den. Using clothes pegs, blankets or other things you can find.Take a picture of your cool safe place and we will display our favourites on our website.

Parenting Tip – Importance of routine

Routines are the daily task that we do at the same time each day. Rountine keeps order and structure within our lives. Routine also helps children feel safe and secure because they know what’s coming next. For example having the same time for getting up, meals time, work and play, for exercise and even for bath and bedtime. This creates consistency and will help with children’s behaviour.

Look at your daily routine, and see what you can change to support you and your children.