Women’s Aid groups regional statistics for 2016/17


710 women & 568 children stayed in refuge. 245 women couldn’t access refuge as it was full.

Police responded to a domestic incident every 18 minutes of every day

7,030 women & 7,878 children accessed outreach support, allowing them to stay in their own homes

Domestic violence crime accounted for 14.2% of all crime reported to the PSNI

13 babies born to women in refuge

29,657 calls managed by the 24 Hour Domestic & Sexual Violence Helpline

Pregnant women who accessed our support services: Refuge: 38 women, Outreach: 179

Black & Minority Ethnic Women- 167 women stayed in refuge, 533 women received outreach support, 50 women from the travelling community supported in refuge 41 women & 49 children with no recourse to public funds

Support at every stage of life- 7% of women in our services were over 55, 17% of women in our services were under 25

Disability & Complex Needs -32% of women in refuge and 23% of women in our outreach services disclosed a mental health issue.