Children and young people are often referred to as the hidden victims of domestic abuse. In recent years however, recognition that children and young people are impacted upon by domestic abuse has spread, and policy and practice has begun to develop accordingly. It is important to remember that whole families suffer from domestic abuse.

For every woman experiencing abuse in the home there will usually be children who are also suffering. The experiences of these children and young people are often overlooked.

Domestic Abuse affects everyone in the family in different ways. It can be hard to talk about what is happening to you. It can be difficult to make sense of it.

One of the most effective ways to help you children is by keeping yourself safe.

Talk to your children. Be as honest as you can about the situation without frightening them. Reassure them that the violence is not their fault and that they are not responsible for the behaviour of your partner.

If you choose to stay in a refuge our Child Workers provide support and activities for children.

Refuge can be a very positive experience for children. They are safe, they have the opportunity to meet other children in a similar situation to their, they can talk about their experiences to each other and they can begin to understand that they are not alone.

Children can be helped to come to an understanding of their situation. Support is also provided for children and young people whose mothers are using the outreach service.

Women’s Aid ABCLN understands the impact domestic abuse can have on children and young people and provides services to meet each of their complex and individual needs.

We provide a range of age appropriate specialised services, including:

  • Outreach Support
  • Group Work
  • One to one support
  • Personal development programmes
  • Prevention programmes