Domestic Abuse: Facts and Figures

One in four women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Women are on average assaulted 35 times before they seek help.

Over 30% of domestic abuse starts during pregnancy.

In 90% of incidents children are in same or adjacent room when violence happens.

From April 2019 to March 2020 there were 31,196 domestic abuse incidents reported to the PSNI with 19,036 domestic abuse crimes recorded, the highest since records began in 2004/05.

Police respond to one incident of domestic abuse every 17 minutes across Northern Ireland.

Twelve women have lost their lives due to domestic abuse since in the start of the pandemic in Northern Ireland.


Women’s Aid ABCLN 2020-2021

Women’s Aid ABCLN worked with 1,674 and 2,313 children in 2019-20.

93 women and 51 children stayed in our refuge and self-contained accommodation.

1,581 women and 2,262 children accessed support in the community.

A further 5,043 children and young people participated in education and awareness raising programmes in schools.

221 children attended crèche and after-schools programmes including Voices Groups for young people.

324 children received one to one and therapeutic support through projects including Family First and Cygnet.

Last year 11 babies were born to Women’s Aid refuges across Northern Ireland.


Women’s Aid NI Annual Report 2019-20

PSNI Domestic Abuse Statistics