Mission Statement Women’s Aid ABCLN provides the highest quality service to women, children and young people living with, or affected by, all forms of domestic violence and abuse. We recognise the holistic needs of victims and work to educate, challenge and co-operate with others to provide services which are co-ordinated, responsive and accessible.

Our Aims

  1. To provide services and temporary refuge to women and children suffering domestic violence, be that emotional, physical, financial, verbal or sexual abuse.
  2. To empower and enable women to determine their own future.
  3. To recognise, respond and care for the emotional needs of children and young people.
  4. To offer support and guidance to any woman who asks for it, both in refuge and in her own community.
  5. To educate, inform and challenge the public, the media, police, courts, social services and other authorities about the prevalence and effects of domestic violence. We will always be mindful that domestic violence is a direct result of the general position of women in our society and perpetrators’ decisions to meet their own needs without negotiation because they believe that they are entitled to. Domestic violence is a breach of human rights.