White Ribbon Sunday

On Sunday 24th November churches across Antrim, Ballymena, Carrickfergus, Larne and Newtownabbey will join with Women’s Aid ABCLN to take part in White Ribbon Sunday.  The White Ribbon Campaign is a global movement to end male violence against women.

 “On White Ribbon Sunday congregations are invited to join us and wear a White Ribbon.  Take action and make a personal pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women.”

Women’s Aid ABCLN White Ribbon Co-ordinator Tahnee McCrory says “Not all men commit violence against women but we all have a role in ending it. Churches taking part in the campaign will share this message on White Ribbon Sunday. With one in four women affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime, staying silent is not an option.”

 “Domestic violence is not confined to a small section of our community. Victims, and perpetrators come from all walks of life, and no religious denomination is exempt.”

“Many women affected by domestic abuse sit in church pews every Sunday. You know them, but you may not know what they are living with. It’s not enough for us to turn our thoughts to the issue for a few minutes and return to our comfortable lives, thankful that it’s not us.”

“We aim to create a society where all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse. We want to reach out and say help and support is available.”

“What will you do as a congregation to support the White Ribbon campaign and what can you do as an individual?  We believe that everyone can – and should – do something.”

To join us and sign up to take part in White Ribbon Sunday call Women’s Aid ABCLN White Ribbon Co-ordinator on 028 25 632136 or email whiteribbon@womensaidabcln.org.